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Unshorten (expand) short URLs with Node.js

Short URLs have been an invaluable tool for social media marketing for so many years and we are now used to seeing them everywhere. Most of the credit probably goes to URL shorteners services like Bit.ly, Goo.gl, YOURLS and Rebrandly that popularised the concept and made easy for everyone to start creating short URLs. When working with URLs in some automation scenarios like analytics, information crawling, data retrieval, etc. it can be important to resolve (or ”unshorten” or ”expand”) short URLs, which…

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My Serverless & AWS Lambda talk at Node.js Dublin January 2017

Last January I had the pleasure to share the stage with the great Padraig O’Brien to talk about how we use Node.js, AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework at Planet9 Energy. The talk was hosted by the monthly Node.js Dublin Meetup at Intercom Dublin office, as usual, a very cool location for this kind of tech talks. Apart from having a great chance to show off my über cool Super Mario T-shirt for about 45 minutes, Podge and I had some good time discussing the following topics: What does ”Serverless” mean…

2016 - A year in review

2016 is almost over and I just realised that it has been one of my most productive and exciting years ever. With that in mind I would love to write a recap of all the good and bad things (mostly from a career perspective) that happened in my life during this year. I want to keep track and benchmark my productivity over the coming years. This might be boring for you to read but I hope it’s going to serve myself as a good motivation to keep doing better over the years, both in terms of career and quality of…

My Universal JavaScript Web Applications talk at Codemotion Milan 2016

Yesterday (25/11/2016) I had the pleasure of delivering a talk about Universal JavaScript at Codemotion Milan 2016. It was a great fun and I was very happy to meet such a big pool of technology enthusiasts and professionals all in one places. I’m already looking forward for the next edition! Video Update (12-12-2016): a video recording of the talk has been published by the folks at Codemotion: Slides deck If you are interested in my talk you can find the slides on Slides.com: Commentary Here follows also a…

How to crack a JWT token: two articles about distributed computing, ZeroMQ & Node.js

In the last 2 weeks I add the pleasure to release an article (in two parts) in collaboration with RisingStack, one of the most famous companies in the Node.js ecosystem. The article explains how to build a distributed application using Node.js and ZeroMQ and provides an example that I believe it’s very actual and interesting: a JWT token cracker. If you are into Node.js, ZeroMQ, security or distributed application you can read the two articles in the community section of RisingStack. ZeroMQ & Node.js…

Two Interviews about Node.js, JavaScript and being a book author

In the last month I had the pleasure to seeing published two interviews regarding my life as developer with Node.js and JavaScript and about being a book author with Node.Js design patterns second edition. The first interview was made with the Packt Publishing team and it was published in their own website: With Node.js, it’s easy to get things done The second interview was made by Thomas Peham, marketing manager at UserSnap: Meet the community: Luciano Mammino, software developer from Sicily I think both…

React on the Server for Beginners: Build a Universal React and Node App

I recently wrote a new article in collaboration with one of my favourite web development websites: the amazing Scotch.io. The article talk about using React both on client and on the server (with Node.js) in an attempt to build a simple “Universal JavaScript” (a.k.a “Isomorphic”) application. The application is called “Judo Heroes” (did you even noticed recently that I’m kind of fond of Judo?) and it showcases some of the best Judo athletes for their number of medals won during the Olympic Games and in…

Extracting data from Wikipedia using curl, grep, cut and other shell commands

In this article I am going to show you how I was able to extract and process some information from Wikipedia only using a combination of common bash utilities like curl and grep. The need If you are a sport lover like me I guess your heart is currently being warmed by the Rio 2016 Olympic games. My favourite sport in the games is Judo and now that the competitions are over I was wondering who were the best olympic “judokas” of all the times by number of medals collected during the games (no matter the kind…

Announcing the book "Node.js design patterns - second edition"

In this post I am going to introduce my last side-project: “Node.js design patterns — second edition”, a technical book about Node.js and design patterns published by Packt. This blog has been a very quite place in the last 8-9 months, this is because almost all my free time has been absorbed by one of my most ambitious side projects: co-writing a book about Node.js and design patterns! I am finally happy to announce that “Node.js design patterns — second edition” has been published. You can keep reading…

6 Tips to Build Fast Web Applications (Php Dublin March 2016 Talk)

Following one of my previous posts about performance in web applications, yesterday night I had the chance to give a related talk at the Php Dublin user group. My talk was preceded by a great talk (and demo) by Ricardo Melo (@rjsmelo) called Docker and Php, a practical use case. If you are interested in the topic, be sure to check it out! It was a great night, I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun, so thank you to everyone involved. If you are interested in having a look at the slides, here they are: http…


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