3 invitations to try Atom.io

Atom.io is a promising new text editor built on web technologies. This post shares 3 invites to try its closed beta.

I have finally got my invitation to try the new text editor Atom.io. Atom is built with web technologies (node.js in it’s core) by the folks at GitHub and it’s somewhat very similar to the famous SublimeText. In my opinion it seems very promising (even if it’s significantly slower than SublimeText), anyway I have to try it a lot more before shaping a serious opinion about it.

Atom.io screenshoot

The point of this topic is that Atom.io is currently in closed beta and I have received 3 invitations to share with whom is willing to try it.

I would be glad to share the invitations with the first 3 readers who would follow me on GitHub or Twitter and write a comment on this post.

PS: You would probably need a GitHub account!

UPDATE, April 12: Sorry guys, my invitations have gone for now. Anyway it seems that GitHub distributes other invitations sometime. So if you haven’t been in time you can still write a comment and if I ever manage to have other invites i will follow the order of the order to share them with you.

Hope you will enjoy it.

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