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2020 - A year in review

As we transition into 2021 and we leave this crazy 2020 behind, it is a great time for me to reflect on my what happened in 2020 from a career perspective and make some plans for the year to come. Usual spoiler alert: this is the fifth year in a row for me writing this kind of post. This is going to be a super boring one that I write for myself to reflect on where my career is going and what I am learning every year. I hope I am setting the right expectation here. If you decide to go ahead and read this…

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Learning Rust through open source and live code reviews

Hello from Luciano and Stefano! 👋 In the last few years we set ourselves onto the Rust learning path. We don’t work with Rust during our daily jobs and we come to be interested in the language for different reasons (more on this later), so we decided to take it easy and invest some of our free time reading books and tutorials, watching videos about Rust and doing occasional coding challenges. Finally after about one year of sporadic studying sessions we felt ready to attempt our first open source Rust…

What's in a JWT (Json Web Token)?

If you ended up on this article, chances are that you have been seeing JWTs (Json Web Tokens) for a while and you are curious to find out what they really are, what’s inside of them and how they actually work! Why did they get so mainstream anyway?! 🤔 In this article we will be trying to address this topic in a short but (hopefully) effective fashion! It’s just a string with a well-defined format JWT stands for JSON Web Token and such a token is just a string composed by 3 parts: a header a body…

Middy 1.0.0 is here

Middy, the Node.js middleware framework for AWS Lambda, has finally graduated to 1.0.0! A long awaited milestone for the project. In this post we will discuss what middy is and what are the main features of this first stable release. What is middy If you are hearing about middy for the first time, middy is a middleware framework for AWS Lambda written in Node.js. Middy has the goal to simplify the way you write Lambda code, essentially by providing a convenient middleware abstraction (similar to the ones…

2019 - A year in review

A little bit later than I expected over the new year, but here we are again, with my usual introspective post to figure out how the hell did the last year went and how to make the best out of the new year. This is going to be boring (again I do this kind of posts selfishly only for myself), so brace yourself if you really want to keep going on this! Tech Leadership Training Possibly the biggest achievement of last year was my contribution as a teacher to the Tech Leadership Training - Taking you from…

Lean NPM packages

Every developer on the planet knows how modular Node.js and the JavaScript ecosystem have become. This is probably due to the great job that package management systems and registries like bower (discontinued) and npm carried over in the last few years. I personally believe that this is also a consequence of the “many small modules” philosophy that has been popularised within the JavaScript ecosystem. This is great, but all that glitters is not gold… Look, for instance, at this picture for a second: Yeah…

Fastify and Preact for quick web app prototyping

In this article I will show my setup to build and share web apps prototypes using Fastify and Preact, two technologies that I love. I will also use htm, a library that can be easily integrated with Preact to define DOM elements in a very expressive and react-like way (like JSX), without having to use transpilers like Babel. Finally we will see how to dockerize a sample app built with this setup. This will make the app easy to share with co-workers and friends. I came up with this stack, few weeks ago when I…

JavaScript iterator patterns

In this article we will explore different ways to create iterators and iterable values in Javascript, specifically functions, iterators, iterables and generators. JavaScript is a very flexible language and most often you can achieve the same goals in many different ways, iterators are no exception! Wikipedia defines iterators as follows: In computer programming, an iterator is an object that enables a programmer to traverse a container, particularly lists. Various types of iterators are often provided via a…

2018 - A year in review

It is that time of the year when I have to look back at the previous year and see what were my achievements, my failures and set my expectations for my 2019. Full disclosure: I write this type of posts mostly for myself, so I expect this to be boring to death and most likely useless for everyone else. You have been warned, read at your own risk! Static blog migration Interesting achievement of the last year is that I finally migrated this blog from Ghost to a static setup using totally free and Open Source…

A random emoji in your terminal prompt. How and Why!

In this article, we will see how to customize our terminal prompt and add a random emoji in it. This is my terminal prompt: If I could have a penny every time somebody asked me how did I put a random emoji in there, well… I wouldn’t probably be a millionaire, but I would definitely be able to afford few more coffees every day and be less sleepy 😴! In this article I’ll explain how I emojified my terminal and, since it is very simple stuff, I’ll also try to explore some extra details on how to customize…


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