Hello, this is Luciano :)

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Since I started navigating the great Internet, my nickname has been"loige", that's why this website is called "loige.co".

I am a passionate software engineer born in 1987, the same year that “Super Mario Bros” was released in Europe, which, by chance is my favourite game!

I started coding early at the age of 12, hacking away with my father's old i386 armed only with MS-DOS and the QBasic interpreter and I have been professionally a software developer for more than 10 years.

I am currently a Senior Architect at fourTheorem in Dublin where we help companies to transtition to AWS and adopt the Serverless paradigm.

I love the fullstack web, Node.js and Serverless so I co-authored the book Node.js design patterns, launched FullStack Bulletin (a semi-automated newsletter for Fullstack developers) and ServerlessLab (in-house serverless training).

If you are interested in knowing more about my professional experience and skills you can check out my LinkedIn or my GitHub profile.

This has been my personal tag-line for a while:

Cloud developer, entrepreneur, fighter, butterfly maker!

Yep, I am a Full stack web developer working on cloud products. I enjoy coding (a lot) even though, lately, I am spending more and more time working on systems and cloud architectures.

I am was an entrepreneur: during the first part of my career, I co-founded several companies, a couple of web and software agencies and even a startup, Sbaam.com, that aimed to disrupt the emerging fashion brands industry. I can't say any of these businesses was seriously successful, but I definitely learned a lot and I believe I still preserve some of that entrepreneurial mindset.

I am a fighter, I enjoy practicing martial arts as a hobby and as a way to stay healthy both phisically and mentally. I have a red belt (master) in Sicilian Stick Fighting (yep, such thing really exists), black belt in Judo and blue belt in Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu.

For what concerns the "butterfly making" part, well... you will have to ask me in person :)

Speaking and workshops

I take any chance I have to speak at tech conferences or to deliver workshops. I have currently delivered 135 conference talks and workshops.

You can consult the speaking page if you want to know more about my past and future engagements.


I love to write technical articles to share my knowledge and, most importantly, to confront my learnings with other people and get better bit by bit.

In the last few years, I have published 68 articles in this blog and contributed to 36 articles for other publishers.

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Side projects

Here are some of the side projects I am involved with:


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