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Yep! Finally here’s the first post on the path of this blog. Finally/first, indeed a curious binomial with a weird sound, but I think it’s a good title to start this adventure. I’ll try to keep it simple and avoid to bloat things out… just start dancing by answering to a simple question, maybe the proper one now: Why start a blog? Well, I’m a web developer, fascinated by the web since I was a child and started writing my first lines of code in qbasic, and as any other serious web developer it happens to me to read tons of blogs to keep myself updated with the latest trends that pop out in this field. It also constantly happen to me to have the need to experiment something new in my free time. Summing it up I felt the need to build a space of mine in wich report my thoughts about web development and the result of some of these experiments.

I think that’s all for now. Stay tuned ;)

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