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April 11, 2014#php, #doctrine, #ormcomments

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This week I received an interesting email from Martin Stradej, the developer of ORM Designer, a tool to design ORM relationships with a simple but powerful graphic user interface.

Martin wrote the mail because he wanted to acknowledge me of his latest project: ORM Cheatsheet.

ORM Cheatsheet homepage screenshoot

ORM Cheatsheet, as the name suggests, is nothing more than a reference website for those who struggles with some of the most common Php ORM libraries (it currently supports Doctrine2 and Doctrine, but it seems that Propel and Cake PHP will be supported too).

In my honest opinion, the great thing about the website is that it is a really useful resource if you always spend a lot of time searching the official Doctrine reference to check how the hell a given annotation is supposed to work or how to create a particular kind of relationship. If you are already confident with Doctrine and just can’t remember how to set up something it is the perfect place to go to freshen up your memory.

It also guides you on how to configure the Doctrine library to work with a standalone PHP project or even with a Symfony (both version 2 and 1.4) or a Zend Framework 2 based one.

The project has its own GitHub repository so everyone can submit a pull request and improve the project.

That’s all

Have a nice weekend

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