My Serverless & AWS Lambda talk at Node.js Dublin January 2017

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Last January I had the pleasure to share the stage with the great Padraig O’Brien to talk about how we use Node.js, AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework at Planet9 Energy.

The talk was hosted by the monthly Node.js Dublin Meetup at Intercom Dublin office, as usual, a very cool location for this kind of tech talks.

Apart from having a great chance to show off my über cool Super Mario T-shirt for about 45 minutes, Podge and I had some good time discussing the following topics:

  • What does ”Serverless” mean and the Serverless framework?
  • Security concerns like how we achieved authentication and authorization in a serverless and stateless environment.
  • Code quality and Developer Experience discussing how we do unit and functional tests, Continuous Integration and deployments.
  • The costs of a serverless infrastructure and the various tools that can allow you to forecast your costs.
  • Lessons learned and some interesting tips and tricks.

Considering the quite big audience, the number of questions and the stars received on the meetup page I’d say I am jubilant with the outcome of the talk, but of course, I am always eager to deep dive on these topics and discuss my findings with other enthusiasts.

If you are curious you can check out the slides of the talk on SpeakerDeck or watch the recording here below:

And yeah, there are some beautiful pictures too! 😎

Thanks to the organisers and the sponsors for inviting us to speak and supporting this fantastic event. Also thanks to Planet9 Energy for giving us the chance to work on these cool technologies and for encouraging us to deliver these kinds of talks.

If you want to make me even happier, or if you have any question about the talk, feel more than welcome to leave a comment here!

Until next time!

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