My Universal JavaScript Web Applications talk at Codemotion Rome 2017

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Last month (March 25th) I had the pleasure of delivering again my Universal JavaScript talk in a Codemotion Event, this time in Rome. As expected it was a super interesting event and it gave me the chance to meet fantastic people, attend inspiring talks and refine my presentation.

Judo Heroes Version 2

For this occasion, I updated my common Universal JavaScript Judo Heroes to ”Version 2“.

I believe this new version looks a bit more polished and easy to understand, plus it features a number of other relevant changes and improvements:

  • Updated to Webpack 2, React 15.4, React Router 4 and Express 5
  • Using pure components where possible
  • Better structure of components
  • Top-down data propagation


If you missed the event (or if you are simply curious to hear my ”sicilian-english” accent 👌) you can check out the video recording of the talk, just published by the lovely folks at Codemotion:

Slides deck

If you are interested in checking out the slides (and explore all the links in it!) you can find them on Slides.com:

Audience opinion

I was very happy to know that the feedback from the audience was pretty awesome, let me quote the email I received from the organisers:

At this edition of Codemotion Rome we’ve tried to get the most out of attendees feedback by gathering as candid opinions as possible.

Right after your talk “Universal JavaScript Web Applications with React” we asked the attendees to express their evaluation rating it as “Good”, “Neutral” or “Bad”

122 people attended your session, among them, 80% rated it as “Good”, 20% as “Neutral” and 1% as “Bad”.

Such a shame I couldn’t make that 1 or 2 people happy, but that only means that there is still room for improvement, I’ll try harder next time :)


As usual, the biggest thank you goes to the organisers of the event for giving me another precious chance to be there on the stage. Then, huge thanks to my great friends Alessandro Cinelli (@cirpo), Andrea Mangano (@andreaman87), Aleksandar Čambas and Peter Caulfield (@quasi_modal) for reviewing my slide deck and for giving me invaluable advice!

Next events

The Universal JavaScript fun is not over for me this year. I will be attending the following conferences soon:

Either if you were among the audience or if you just found out about my talk or my slides, I hope you enjoied the content and the examples and that you are now somehow confident that building universal JavaScript application is not that hard… you just need to start somewhere!

Feel free to leave any question or comment below in the comments section.

See you soon! 🤘

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