Having fun with Node.js, Slack and Chuck Norris

September 14, 2015#node-js, #slack, #collaborationcomments

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I recently wrote a Slack bot in Node.js in collaboration with one of my favourite web development websites: the amazing Scotch.io.

It’s a simple and funny experiment I have done in my free time to learn something new. It’s nothing special but it will add a bit of fun inside your Slack organisation… Who doesn’t want to have a bot that tells random jokes about Chuck Norris in his own Company chat room? :)

The bot is available on Github (lmammino/norrisbot) and on NPM (norrisbot) and it can be easily installed configured and installed on every VPS and even on Heroku (using the free plan!).

If you are interested in knowing how it works, in understanding the code and in learning how to deploy it on Heroku, you should definitely read the article we published on Scotch.io:

Building a Slack Bot with Node.js and Chuck Norris Super Powers

Building a Slack bot with Node.js and Chuck Norris Super Powers

Enjoy it and feel free to leave your comments here or on the article.


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