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How to crack a JWT token: two articles about distributed computing, ZeroMQ & Node.js

In the last 2 weeks I add the pleasure to release an article (in two parts) in collaboration with RisingStack, one of the most famous companies in the Node.js ecosystem. The article explains how to build a distributed application using Node.js and ZeroMQ and provides an example that I believe it’s very actual and interesting: a JWT token cracker. If you are into Node.js, ZeroMQ, security or distributed application you can read the two articles in the community section of RisingStack. ZeroMQ & Node.js…

Luciano Mammino's Profile pictureLuciano Mammino#node-js, #zeromq, #distributed, #collaboration, #jwt, #javascript24 October, 20161 min

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Two Interviews about Node.js, JavaScript and being a book author

In the last month I had the pleasure to seeing published two interviews regarding my life as developer with Node.js and JavaScript and about being a book author with Node.Js design patterns second edition. The first interview was made with the Packt Publishing team and it was published in their own website: With Node.js, it’s easy to get things done The second interview was made by Thomas Peham, marketing manager at UserSnap: Meet the community: Luciano Mammino, software developer from Sicily I think both…

React on the Server for Beginners: Build a Universal React and Node App

I recently wrote a new article in collaboration with one of my favourite web development websites: the amazing Scotch.io. The article talk about using React both on client and on the server (with Node.js) in an attempt to build a simple “Universal JavaScript” (a.k.a “Isomorphic”) application. The application is called “Judo Heroes” (did you even noticed recently that I’m kind of fond of Judo?) and it showcases some of the best Judo athletes for their number of medals won during the Olympic Games and in…

Having fun with Node.js, Slack and Chuck Norris

I recently wrote a Slack bot in Node.js in collaboration with one of my favourite web development websites: the amazing Scotch.io. It’s a simple and funny experiment I have done in my free time to learn something new. It’s nothing special but it will add a bit of fun inside your Slack organisation… Who doesn’t want to have a bot that tells random jokes about Chuck Norris in his own Company chat room? :) The bot is available on Github (lmammino/norrisbot) and on NPM (norrisbot) and it can be easily installed…

Versioning and deploying a static website with Git, Flightplan and Nginx

Do you ever wondered how to manage the versioning and deployment process of a website? It seems to be a very interesting yet complex topic for which there are already thousands of different solutions. In a recent collaboration with Usersnap I had the pleasure to write a very detailed article for their blog that proposes a solution based on Flightplan.js, Git and Nginx. My solution is very simple, it requires very few dependencies on your system (Git and Node.js) and it has been thought to give you the…


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