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Building x86 Rust containers from Mac Silicon

I recently struggled to build an x86_64 container for a web app written in Rust from my Mac Silicon. I eventually figured out a working solution that also heavily reduced the size of the container image. In this article, I will walk you through this solution! This solution involves a bunch of interesting technology, so if nothing else, it’s going to be an opportunity to explore these cool topics: Rust (of course) Docker (of course) Docker multi-stage builds Linux Alpine musl libc QEMU RusTLS Jemalloc The…

Luciano Mammino's Profile pictureLuciano Mammino#rust, #docker05 May, 202317 min

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Fastify and Preact for quick web app prototyping

In this article I will show my setup to build and share web apps prototypes using Fastify and Preact, two technologies that I love. I will also use htm, a library that can be easily integrated with Preact to define DOM elements in a very expressive and react-like way (like JSX), without having to use transpilers like Babel. Finally we will see how to dockerize a sample app built with this setup. This will make the app easy to share with co-workers and friends. I came up with this stack, few weeks ago when I…

Simple echo server written in Go, dockerized!

In this post we will see how to write a (very) simple Go server app and how to put it into a Docker container and run it. Disclaimer: I’m an absolute beginner with both Go and Docker and this is just an experiment I did to start to explore this two interesting technologies. If you’ll find something weird or wrong you are very encouraged to scream at me in the comments (Comments), I will be extremely thankful ;) ##Introduction We are going to write a simple echo server in Go and then we will pack it into a…


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