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Get an invitation for GitKraken

Axosoft is currently working on GitKraken an innovative multi-platform graphical client for git which is already available for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX in private beta version. The private beta is accessible through an invite code. I was lucky to get an invite for me and I have some extra invites that I am willing to share with the first people who is going to leave a comment on this post. UPDATE 2016-01-19 22:00 GMT: I finished all the invites in less than 1 hour! That’s incredible :O Sorry for whoever…

Luciano Mammino's Profile pictureLuciano Mammino#git, #github19 January, 20164 min

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Versioning and deploying a static website with Git, Flightplan and Nginx

Do you ever wondered how to manage the versioning and deployment process of a website? It seems to be a very interesting yet complex topic for which there are already thousands of different solutions. In a recent collaboration with Usersnap I had the pleasure to write a very detailed article for their blog that proposes a solution based on Flightplan.js, Git and Nginx. My solution is very simple, it requires very few dependencies on your system (Git and Node.js) and it has been thought to give you the…


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