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Introducing Gulp cozy - Manage your gulp tasks in a cozier way

Gulp-cozy is an experimental NPM package that allows you to organize your Gulp tasks in a more modular way with simplicity and “cozyness” in mind. Rationale Ever found yourself digging into a gigantic monstrous Gulpfile with hundreds of functions and tasks scattered all around? If it happened to you I am sure you can tell that it’s not a great feeling… That’s the reason why I created this small module as an attempt to help with keeping yourself cozier (and happier!) when working with Gulp. In a way it…

Luciano Mammino's Profile pictureLuciano Mammino#gulp, #javascript, #node-js, #library18 January, 20164 min

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Gulp and FTP: update a website "on the fly"

In this post I will explain you how to use Gulp to interact with the files on your server through FTP. You will learn how to watch the files you are editing on your local machine and automatically synchronize them with your server as they change and how to setup a task to launch an FTP deploy on demand. Premise Few days ago I was assigned to take care of updating few sections on a legacy website which development environment is currently accessible only through FTP. So no local virtualized development…


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