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Introducing flickr-set-get a command line app to download photos

I recently developed a small command line app that allows you to download an entire gallery from Flickr, it’s called flickr-set-get and you can find it on NPM and GitHub. Why? To be honest I had myself the need to download a large set of photos (more than 400 photos) from Flickr and I didn’t wanted to do it manually. I also wasn’t able, after a quick search, to find something simple to solve this task. Given that I am currently getting into deep of Node.js this was the perfect chance to develop something…

Luciano Mammino's Profile pictureLuciano Mammino#javascript, #http, #node-js, #api, #flickr11 May, 20154 min

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Symfony, edit the Response globally using the Kernel Response event

One of the things I like most of the Symfony framework is its Http Kernel component. Not only it does offer a very straightforward abstraction to handle requests and responses in an object-oriented way but it also allows you to interact with the whole response generation process through events. This approach is very convenient and flexible and in fact the Http Kernel component is the foundation of the Symfony framework but also of several other famous frameworks (Silex, Laravel) and CMSes (Drupal, BackBee…

Transparent pixel response with Symfony, how to track email opening

If you have ever heard about ”transparent pixel”, ”1x1 blank pixel”, ”tracking pixel” or simply ”tracking image” you probably know what we are going to talk about and can just skip to the implementation! Introduction Transparent pixel image is a technique often used to track some user behavior (often visits or views to a certain online content) in scenarios where you can’t use javascript. One of the most common scenarios is probably email opening tracking. Can you put Google Analytics into an email? Well…


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