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2022 - A year in Review

Yup, 2022 flew and it’s that time of the year again. I want to write that boring post that I am the only one to look forward to writing and I don’t expect anyone to read. Well, if you are brave enough to go ahead and read it, let me say thank you and then, to follow the tradition, let me greet you with a boring GIF: A yawning monkey Becoming an AWS Serverless Hero Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room, the biggest (and most unexpected) achievement of the year: being awarded the title of AWS…

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2021 - A year in review

A post where I reflect on my professional life in 2021 as a look ahead for what to expect in 2022. As usual, let me tell you that I write this kind of posts for myself and I don’t expect other people to be able to read this and be engaged. So, if you really feel like you want to venture forward and have a peek on my 2021, well, I am flattered… but make sure to grab a coffee, because this might get a little (just a little…) boring! boring stuff ahead Yes, this GIF is probably the least boring element of the…

2020 - A year in review

As we transition into 2021 and we leave this crazy 2020 behind, it is a great time for me to reflect on my what happened in 2020 from a career perspective and make some plans for the year to come. Usual spoiler alert: this is the fifth year in a row for me writing this kind of post. This is going to be a super boring one that I write for myself to reflect on where my career is going and what I am learning every year. I hope I am setting the right expectation here. If you decide to go ahead and read this…

2019 - A year in review

A little bit later than I expected over the new year, but here we are again, with my usual introspective post to figure out how the hell did the last year went and how to make the best out of the new year. This is going to be boring (again I do this kind of posts selfishly only for myself), so brace yourself if you really want to keep going on this! Tech Leadership Training Possibly the biggest achievement of last year was my contribution as a teacher to the Tech Leadership Training - Taking you from…

2018 - A year in review

It is that time of the year when I have to look back at the previous year and see what were my achievements, my failures and set my expectations for my 2019. Full disclosure: I write this type of posts mostly for myself, so I expect this to be boring to death and most likely useless for everyone else. You have been warned, read at your own risk! Static blog migration Interesting achievement of the last year is that I finally migrated this blog from Ghost to a static setup using totally free and Open Source…

2017 - A year in review

2017 is over and it’s time to sit down and see what happened during this year. As I already did last year, I would love to write a (potentially boring) recap of all the good and bad things (mostly from a career perspective) that happened in my life during this year. Last year I promised myself I would keep doing this as a way to keep track and benchmark my productivity over the coming years, so here I am to see how I performed! The year of conference talks! Let’s start with a big win! This was the year of…

2016 - A year in review

2016 is almost over and I just realised that it has been one of my most productive and exciting years ever. With that in mind I would love to write a recap of all the good and bad things (mostly from a career perspective) that happened in my life during this year. I want to keep track and benchmark my productivity over the coming years. This might be boring for you to read but I hope it’s going to serve myself as a good motivation to keep doing better over the years, both in terms of career and quality of…


Yep! Finally here’s the first post on the path of this blog. Finally/first, indeed a curious binomial with a weird sound, but I think it’s a good title to start this adventure. I’ll try to keep it simple and avoid to bloat things out… just start dancing by answering to a simple question, maybe the proper one now: Why start a blog? Well, I’m a web developer, fascinated by the web since I was a child and started writing my first lines of code in qbasic, and as any other serious web developer it happens to me…


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