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Invite-only microsites with Next.js and AirTable

I recently needed to create an invite-only Next.js-powered microsite (for my wedding 🌸) and in this article I’m going to show you how I went about creating invite codes and how I implemented code validation in the app, using Next.js API endpoints and AirTable as a lightweight backend. The use case and the tech stack 24 June 2022 was the best day of my life. Seriously, I got married with the human being I love the most and everything was just perfect. But we are not here to talk about my wedding, right…

Luciano Mammino's Profile pictureLuciano Mammino#javascript, #typescript, #react, #nextjs, #jwt09 August, 202234 min

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Fastify and Preact for quick web app prototyping

In this article I will show my setup to build and share web apps prototypes using Fastify and Preact, two technologies that I love. I will also use htm, a library that can be easily integrated with Preact to define DOM elements in a very expressive and react-like way (like JSX), without having to use transpilers like Babel. Finally we will see how to dockerize a sample app built with this setup. This will make the app easy to share with co-workers and friends. I came up with this stack, few weeks ago when I…

Emerging JavaScript pattern: multiple return values

In this article, I want to explore an interesting pattern that I am seeing more and more in JavaScript code which allows you to return multiple values from a function. You probably know already that JavaScript does not support multiple return values natively, so this article will actually explore some ways to “simulate” this behavior. One of the most famous usages of this pattern I have seen recently is within React Hooks, but before delving into that, let’s see what I mean with “multiple return values” by…

My Universal JavaScript Web Applications talk at Codemotion Rome 2017

Last month (March 25th) I had the pleasure of delivering again my Universal JavaScript talk in a Codemotion Event, this time in Rome. As expected it was a super interesting event and it gave me the chance to meet fantastic people, attend inspiring talks and refine my presentation. Judo Heroes Version 2 For this occasion, I updated my common Universal JavaScript Judo Heroes to ”Version 2“. I believe this new version looks a bit more polished and easy to understand, plus it features a number of other relevant…

My Universal JavaScript Web Applications talk at Codemotion Milan 2016

Yesterday (25/11/2016) I had the pleasure of delivering a talk about Universal JavaScript at Codemotion Milan 2016. It was a great fun and I was very happy to meet such a big pool of technology enthusiasts and professionals all in one places. I’m already looking forward for the next edition! Video Update (12-12-2016): a video recording of the talk has been published by the folks at Codemotion: Slides deck If you are interested in my talk you can find the slides on Slides.com: Commentary Here follows also a…

React on the Server for Beginners: Build a Universal React and Node App

I recently wrote a new article in collaboration with one of my favourite web development websites: the amazing Scotch.io. The article talk about using React both on client and on the server (with Node.js) in an attempt to build a simple “Universal JavaScript” (a.k.a “Isomorphic”) application. The application is called “Judo Heroes” (did you even noticed recently that I’m kind of fond of Judo?) and it showcases some of the best Judo athletes for their number of medals won during the Olympic Games and in…


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