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Why you should consider Rust for your Lambdas

Rust is such a cool language, even though it might take a bit to get the hang of it. But trust me, the payoff is huge. As someone who’s all into serverless stuff and loves playing around with AWS, I’ve been digging into how to write AWS Lambda functions in Rust and whether it’s worth the sweat. MEGA-Spoiler: Yep, you guessed it from the title - it’s totally worth it. And in this article, you’re gonna find out why, so stick around! Okay, so there’s this pic in the article of Morpheus holding a Lambda in one…

Luciano Mammino's Profile pictureLuciano Mammino#rust, #serverless16 August, 202315 min

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Middy 1.0.0 is here

Middy, the Node.js middleware framework for AWS Lambda, has finally graduated to 1.0.0! A long awaited milestone for the project. In this post we will discuss what middy is and what are the main features of this first stable release. What is middy If you are hearing about middy for the first time, middy is a middleware framework for AWS Lambda written in Node.js. Middy has the goal to simplify the way you write Lambda code, essentially by providing a convenient middleware abstraction (similar to the ones…

From bare metal to Serverless

Lately, I tried to understand why modern cloud computing brought us to the idea (and growing adoption) of “Serverless”. In this article, I will illustrate the result of a small research I did about the history of Cloud computing from the age of bare metal to serverless. “You have to know the past to understand the present.” ― Carl Sagan At the end of this article, I will also illustrate a definition of Serverless and what are its main characteristics. The invention of the web This story starts with Sir Tim…

My Serverless talk at Shift conference in Split

This June, I had an amazing experience talking again about Serverless and how we use it at Planet 9 Energy at the recent Shift Conference in Split, Croatia. In my talk titled ”Serverless: The pros and cons of building a company without infrastructure”, I tried to address what Serverless is and why is becoming such a big thing, also exploring what I believe are the pros and cons of this new paradigm. The experience was great and I was super happy to have a chance to share the stage with extraordinary people…

My Serverless & AWS Lambda talk at Node.js Dublin January 2017

Last January I had the pleasure to share the stage with the great Padraig O’Brien to talk about how we use Node.js, AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework at Planet9 Energy. The talk was hosted by the monthly Node.js Dublin Meetup at Intercom Dublin office, as usual, a very cool location for this kind of tech talks. Apart from having a great chance to show off my über cool Super Mario T-shirt for about 45 minutes, Podge and I had some good time discussing the following topics: What does ”Serverless” mean…


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