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My Serverless talk at Shift conference in Split

This June, I had an amazing experience talking again about Serverless and how we use it at Planet 9 Energy at the recent Shift Conference in Split, Croatia. In my talk titled ”Serverless: The pros and cons of building a company without infrastructure”, I tried to address what Serverless is and why is becoming such a big thing, also exploring what I believe are the pros and cons of this new paradigm. The experience was great and I was super happy to have a chance to share the stage with extraordinary people…

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My Universal JavaScript Web Applications talk at Codemotion Rome 2017

Last month (March 25th) I had the pleasure of delivering again my Universal JavaScript talk in a Codemotion Event, this time in Rome. As expected it was a super interesting event and it gave me the chance to meet fantastic people, attend inspiring talks and refine my presentation. Judo Heroes Version 2 For this occasion, I updated my common Universal JavaScript Judo Heroes to ”Version 2“. I believe this new version looks a bit more polished and easy to understand, plus it features a number of other relevant…

My Serverless & AWS Lambda talk at Node.js Dublin January 2017

Last January I had the pleasure to share the stage with the great Padraig O’Brien to talk about how we use Node.js, AWS Lambda and the Serverless framework at Planet9 Energy. The talk was hosted by the monthly Node.js Dublin Meetup at Intercom Dublin office, as usual, a very cool location for this kind of tech talks. Apart from having a great chance to show off my über cool Super Mario T-shirt for about 45 minutes, Podge and I had some good time discussing the following topics: What does ”Serverless” mean…

My Universal JavaScript Web Applications talk at Codemotion Milan 2016

Yesterday (25/11/2016) I had the pleasure of delivering a talk about Universal JavaScript at Codemotion Milan 2016. It was a great fun and I was very happy to meet such a big pool of technology enthusiasts and professionals all in one places. I’m already looking forward for the next edition! Video Update (12-12-2016): a video recording of the talk has been published by the folks at Codemotion: Slides deck If you are interested in my talk you can find the slides on Slides.com: Commentary Here follows also a…

6 Tips to Build Fast Web Applications (Php Dublin March 2016 Talk)

Following one of my previous posts about performance in web applications, yesterday night I had the chance to give a related talk at the Php Dublin user group. My talk was preceded by a great talk (and demo) by Ricardo Melo (@rjsmelo) called Docker and Php, a practical use case. If you are interested in the topic, be sure to check it out! It was a great night, I learned a lot and I had a lot of fun, so thank you to everyone involved. If you are interested in having a look at the slides, here they are: http…


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